About Ecobank Academy

Ecobank Academy is one of the largest capability development centres in Africa focused on Banking, Digital Financial Services and Leadership Development. As a corporate university, Ecobank Academy provides training programmes reaching over 16,000 front-line, middle to senior managers across 36 countries.

Founded in 2012 and operational in 2014, Ecobank Academy is the first pan-African corporate university and is the epicentre of Ecobank culture.

Since becoming operational, Ecobank Academy has become a hub for Ecobank’s leaders from across the world to convene and receive world-class management development.


Our Mission

Ecobank Academy is building the strongest banking expertise on the continent to achieve our goal of ‘Sustainable Business Results’.

Our Vision

  • To develop world-class managers and leaders for Ecobank
  • To enhance Africa’s banking sector through the development of professional and leadership skills
  • To aid Africa’s financial integration and economic growth through the creation of banking capabilities.

Ecobank Academy Campus

The main Ecobank Academy centre is located in Lome, Togo in close vicinity to the Global Headquarters of the Ecobank Group.

Ecobank Academy’s training facilities were carefully designed to host training and conferences for Ecobank staff and guest delegates from external organizations. As a training and conference facility Ecobank Academy boasts an impressive range of facilities, including an auditorium, lecture rooms, library and technology facilities, lounge and social room. It also boasts a close by preferred hotel facilities where delegates are accommodated during training.

Ecobank Academy Learning Approach

To support the Bank’s mission for the continent. Ecobank Academy also provides its world-class development and certification-based programmes to external organizations across the continent – in English, French and Portuguese.

We create learning experiences that are Pan-African, local, personal, digital and—above all—transformational.

By building a strong talent pool today, we ensure that we have the capabilities to meet our strategic objectives tomorrow.

By building credible and respected leaders, we create a benchmark for excellence across the company and the continent.

The training facility was also built with networking at its heart and even its open-plan architecture is designed to encourage the sharing of ideas.

We also provide employees with extensive on-the-job development opportunities—including challenging “stretch” assignments, coaching, executive visibility, and performance development—fully integrated into our operating model.

Fulfil Your Ambition with Ecobank Academy Programmes

Africa is increasingly a fast-paced and dynamically evolving environment, where change is often the only constant. We make a difference, not only by what we do – with our expertise and our skills – but also by how we do it.

In this rapidly changing continent, skills and talent have to be forged permanently. It’s for this reason that we dedicate a significant amount of time engaging with the business leaders, researchers and other training partners.

Ecobank Academy is providing this comprehensive set of training programmes, which are designed centrally and delivered locally across the continent. We create learning experiences that are Pan-African, local, personal, digital and—above all—transformational.

As one of the largest capability development centres (Corporate University) in Africa, our learning solutions are designed to build leadership capability,

professional skills and core and digital banking expertise right from the beginning of the talent pipeline all the way to the end, these programmes are suitable for introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of proficiency.

From these carefully selected programmes, you’ll learn new methods, techniques, and best practices that enable you to effectively meet strategic objectives.

I’d like to encourage you all to review and discuss your training and development needs with one of our Team members at academy@ecobank.com.

Welcome to Ecobank Academy in Lome, Accra, Abidjan, Lagos and Nairobi

Simon REY
Group Head: Ecobank Academy, Talent and Organizational Development